Site History

This site was first created at a different domain,, by Sue Meeuwissen as part of her "Where People Smoke Matters" campaign.

After her death in July 2000, Sue's family wanted the site to continue as a memorial to Sue and a continuation of her campign. The techie that helped Sue create the site said he would maintain it.

The site was still active in July 2008, but had silently disappeared by September 2009. Sue's family did not realise until they tried to show someone. The helpful techie could not be found. The domain was re-registered by someone else in 2010.

There the matter lay until September 2014, when Sue's sister reminded her cousin about the site. Archives of the site were found at the Wayback Machine. This domain,, was registered and the site was rebuilt.

This, then, is not Sue's original site, but is her site rebuilt and updated. If you want to see the original, it is here, at the Wayback Machine. This site will be updated as a memorial to Sue and as a continuation of her campaign against the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke.