Group Affected by Smoking in Public

This section has just been included - it will bring individual stories and comments by those who care about and/or are affected by environmental tobacco smoke/passive smoking.

People with respiratory disabilities such as asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, can be very vulnerable to the toxic and harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke. Children are very much at risk. (More will be added)

The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia is based in NSW. Lobbying and encouraging change has been a major activity of members over many years. They produce a newsletter, which is also placed on line, informing members about the current happenings with tobacco in Australia and some overseas news too.

Please email my family with your story, comment etc. Or put your story about how smoking has affected you on the Where People Smoke Matters Facebook cause or on Sue Meeuwissen's facebook page.

     Sue Meeuwissen's family