The reluctant activist

I would much rather be out walking in a beautiful park or strolling along the beach...


I am basically housebound.


Because if I accidentally breathe environmental tobacco smoke (ets) - passively smoke, I can die.

Sounds over dramatic? Sounds like it is all in my head?

If only.

Cystic fibrosis is my base medical condition. Just add asthma, an accidental exposure to ets and disasters happen. At first it was struggling to breathe and chest infection flare ups. Then as my lungs became more damaged, extra strain would cause bleeds or even my lung to collapse. (Having tubes the size of garden hoses shoved through the ribs in order to let out air is not my idea of a good time!) From the mid '80's I became very careful as to where I would venture.

May 1994 a major miracle occurred and a set of pre-loved lungs were surgically implanted after my old lungs had been removed.

These lungs react to ets and I have experienced life threatening situations from accidental exposures. My lungs are now damaged and keeping alive is very challenging. Hence my isolation.

Rather than put in the too hard basket, or just chuck in the towel, this site is being created as a useful tool to disseminate information and encourage positive change.

to be cont...

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